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So Since My pal Jarrod from tampa and I have such close birthdays. And Jacob only wanted to go to one "becuase he has a job" Im going to have a Joint Birthday With Jarrod at the T-rex cafe in downtown disney. I nwo this is fairly short notice, but if anyone has the ability or inclination to come, I'd be glad to have you there. I would like to get a genral headcount if possible since its a joint effort, and would liek to make all preparations ahead of time. So i f you can comment txt call or message me and let me know, that'd be great
Happy New year!
dai gurren franky


I got home very late, and was looking for some thing i thought i had lost in my truck. So as im diggin through my truck with the doors open and the heat on. I hear a tiny lil Mew, and too my right ni saw on the sidewalk, that at first i thought was Brian and Lainas cat Rupert ( im pretty tired so cut me a little slack, i know that makes no sense.) It was however an extremely friendly cat ( and didnt stare at me until it ran into wall, which is something Rupert would do, since all that cat seems to do around me is hide or freak out over nothing and hide... cosmos cool though!)His Fur was so white every time i tried to take a picture of it the flash bleached it out into some sort of ghost glob that didnt really look like anything. Anyways he decides of course that my nice warm truck should be his hang out, and that i should give up on my search and pay attention to him. Now I dont know who in their right mind would let their cat out at 3 am on a night like this, but he camped up in the back seat for a while and caught some Z's. Then came the Heart breaking part, i had to pull him out... Now being an animal lover my first instinct would be to bring him inside the house with me. But my land lady is scared to death of cats, so thats not an option, i would have let him spend the nigth in the car but there a whole list of problems there. So as he tried to follow me inside i had to do the WRONG thing, and trick him into staying outside. I kind of want to leave a pillow or a blanket for the poor thing but i dont know how much goood that would really do. so now i got to go to sleep with my buddy freezing outside. Hopefully he'll Be ok and i can try to get a picture of him in the morning.

I warmed him up a bowl of milk, and hwen i went outside he was curled up outside the door. So now i feel like some sort of hitler man, i wrapped an old couch pillow i found up in a junky t shirt and put that outside as well, i hope he's comfortably with that :(


So in the midst of my JO JOS BIZZARE MANIA i have been suffering lately i made a few discoveries
first in case you missed it. The naruto tenth anniversary has recently been celebrated, and all the shonen jump artist did sketches of naruto characters ( like what the did for one piece not to long ago) Odas And Toriyama's i think were my favorites, the dragonball version of naruto is pretty epic! check it out
And A jojo face generator. Now i know this picture looks extremely life like, but its actually from a jojo style face generator. its funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
http://v-room.net/g/daijin/jojoface1.html make Go make your own. Then show me.
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Merry christmas

I woke up today to be told i had a "bad attitude" for asking what time i should come over on christmas day, and for saying that since i was just getting over a nasty cold, it might not be a good idea to drive my grandmother back to her nursing home. It doesnt take the Ghost of christmas future to tell you its going to be a lonnnnnnnnng day!
Anyways thanks to to those who have been trying their best to keep the christmas spirit alive for me. Especially One Chris CRuz who has been nothing short of a solid Bro. In one week he helped me get a new wallet, apply for unemployment, and kept me sane.
Right now im watching the Always sunny Christmas special and considering finding some trains to throw rocks at.
dai gurren franky

I submit

you win jacob YOU WIN! hopefully i wont commit suicudes by the end of the day from the shame i put on my family
twitter name is Spooky_electrik
spooky_electric was taken or error-ed or not given to me by the twitter gods because my rain dance wasnt entertaining enough i dunno
dai gurren franky


most the kittys are exotic or elvis kats so theey have fat flat faces and look like mrlon brando or orsen wells, and some of the kittys are HUEG :3 theres a 5 dollar addmision but if you say you work for sears it seems they let you in for free, if possible aim for 2 to 230 tommrow since thats when we have our break tomorow


I almost frgot! Im not making any of this up there is a giant sign hanging from my works building that reads "CAT SHOW SEARS OUTLET CENTER OCT 24TH AND 25TH!" This is so major pro shit! if you guys can check this out

I had a really drawn out post

But i thought i would give you guys the cliff notes. Most of the people this concerns probably wont read this because.. well im sure everyone has their reasons. but they mostly are dumb and petty. The last couple months have made one thing obvouis. Alot of people who I really considered friends are making great strides to be more and more distant. This is putting me in a shitty mood.